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Speech Of Ignatius Cardinal Kung

on the Occasion of Receiving the

Proclamation and the Key to the City of Stamford

from Mayor Thomas Serrani, Mayor of Stamford, Connecticut

November 19, 1991

Mr. Mayor:

Thank you for presenting me with this proclamation and the key of the City of Stamford. My heartfelt thanks also go to you, Mr. Mayor, to your administration, and to the people of Stamford for being most generous with your kind words to me. I appreciate and value your visit. I am not worthy of this great honor.

For the last 3 1/2 years, I have enjoyed the welcome, the hospitality, and the support of the people of Stamford. I received excellent care from the Diocese and from St. Joseph Medical Center, the companionship of the clergy here, and the friendship of many new friends. It is truly my honor and my good fortune to experience and to witness freedom once again in America.

In America, you have freedom of expression and true freedom to worship. You honor justice and human rights. This is a nation of God. Standing with you here today, my heart is with my people in China who still do not have the freedom to worship.

Mr. Mayor, you are a part of the administration of the United States Government. It is my sincere wish that, through the continuous leadership from the Government of the United States to help and influence the Government of the Peoples Republic of China, my people and my country will one day also enjoy the same true freedom of religion, expression, the human rights and justice in accordance with international standards.

My blessings to all the people in Stamford. Please also pray for me and for China.