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Projects That Benefit From Your Help

The Spiritual Dimension

1. We promote prayers not only for the underground Roman Catholic Church in China, but also for "our separated brothers and sisters" of the Chinese government-sponsored Patriotic Association so that they too will be filled with the Holy Spirit and be courageous witnesses of Christ.

2. In our "Prayer Sponsor" Program, a "prayer sponsor" promises to pray daily for a designated person, either for an underground clergyman or for a Patriotic Association bishop's return to the universal Church. We will send you a wallet sized card indicating the person for whom you will be praying.

3. With our Perpetual Rosary for China, friends of the Foundation pledge to pray at least one rosary each month for China on the same day of their choice. Many have pledged weekly or even daily rosaries for China.

4. The Cardinal Kung Foundation, together with its benefactors all over the world, has been sponsoring an annual Mass for many years to pray for the end of persecution of the Roman Catholic Church in China. This annual Mass has been held on each Sunday closest to October 1, which is the national day of China when the persecution of the Roman Catholic Church began in China. However, in union with the Holy Father's intention, the Cardinal Kung Foundation has decided to move this Mass to May 24, the feast of Our Lady, Help of Christians, who is venerated with great devotion at the Marian Shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai. You may offer a stipend directly to your parish or to any other church and request your church to offer a Holy Mass on May 24, or some other date close to May 24 to pray for China. Please let us know if you have requested this Mass so that we can tabulate them.

5. We distribute holy cards that include: Cardinal Kung's Prayer for China, Cardinal Kung's Prayer for Priests, Cardinal Kung's Biography, "Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for China," Our Lady of She-Shan, and Bishop Curtis' Prayer to the Guardian Angels of Aborted Babies and others.

The Information Dissemination Dimension

Current Newsletter

1. Our Newsletter is published at least three times each year and is distributed free to almost 30 countries. The Newsletter informs the public about news and issues relating to the ongoing persecution of the Roman Catholic Church in China as well as its traditions and history.

2. Our Press Releases on persecutions in China are issued only after meticulous verification of the authenticity of the news. These releases are acknowledged as the primary source of news worldwide relating to the persecution of the Roman Catholic Church in China. They are carried by all major news wires such as Association Press, Reuters, AFP, UPI, etc., and by most, if not all, major newspapers worldwide. They are also recognized by many United States and foreign government agencies. Typically, numerous interviews follow each press release, including from many foreign press bureaus located in China.

3. The Cardinal Kung Foundation Website includes Cardinal Kung's biography, his legacy, press releases, past Newsletters, a list of those imprisoned in China, and a variety of articles of religious, historical, and political significance. Journalists as well as students have used this website for their research.

4. The Foundation has been very active in making Speeches and Exhibitions to a variety of religious, educational, and political organizations throughout the world, such as Harvard Law School; the IHM Home School Conference in Washington, D.C.; the Marian Congress in Alexandria, South Dakota; The Population Research Institute in Washington, D.C.; the Wanderer Forum; Amnesty International in London; the Legion of Christ Seminary in Rome; the Serra Club in Hershey, Pennsylvania; Texas Lutheran University in Seguin; the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation; Catholics United for the Faith in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona; the Jubilee Mission Congress in St. Paul, Minnesota; a number of parishes; and many other places. The Foundation has also been the focus of numerous newspapers, radio, and television reports and interviews by media such as Voice of America, Free Asia Radio, the New York Times, Catholic Views, Vatican Radio, ABC Radio, and EWTN, and has frequently assisted the research efforts of reporters in their writing special articles on the persecution in China. Also, we have given public testimonies on religious persecution in China to the British Parliament in 1996, to the Subcommittee on Human Rights of the United States Congress in 1994, 1996, 2006, and 2007, the New York City Council in 1997, the California Senate in 1997, and the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission in 2002 and 2004. We have assisted various legislators in their efforts to end the persecution in China, and have submitted timely briefings to the White House, the State Department, and the Commerce Department in preparation for official U.S. visits to China.

The Education of Seminarians and Religious Dimension

1. The Partner in Vocation Program is dedicated to support the education of underground seminarians, priests, and religious sisters studying in China and Europe. We currently have almost 200 students in this program and many more eagerly waiting. They study in underground seminaries, pursue graduate studies in seminaries in Europe, or in universities in China studying nursing, computer skills, etc. They follow their vocations at great personal risk and with significant personal sacrifice. Please support one candidat by donating $1000 per year or $85 per month. Your donation covers the candidate's tuition, room and board or living allowance. They are the future of the underground Church. During the past years, we already have many graduates returned from Europe working in the underground diocese or teaching in the underground seminaries. You may not have a chance to be a missionary. Through the funding of this program you can directly participate in the ministry of the underground Church.

2. The Holy Mass Stipend dimension collects and delivers Mass offerings to the clergy of the underground Roman Catholic Church both inside and outside (studying aboard temporarily) China. A $10 Mass stipend can provide four days of living expenses for an underground priest in China. To the dozens of underground priests studying in Europe or elsewhere, we promise a stipend for every Mass that they offer. They rely on these Mass stipends for living expenses as their own underground bishops have no financial means to support them. In thanksgiving to the Foundation's donors, the underground priests offer approximately hundreds of Masses each year for the deceased and living members of the Cardinal Kung Foundation. Currently, we are sending approximately 10,000 Mass stipends each year. We need many more Mass stipends as we have so many underground bishops requesting help. To put it into perspective, an average parish in the United States can only accept approximately 900 Masses a year. The Foundation would appreciate it if any pastor can channel Holy Mass requests that they cannot handle to the underground Church in China.

Social and Apostolic Dimension

The social and apostolic dimension of our mission involves our financial support of an orphanage for disabled children, dioceses in China, persecuted families in China, and underground Chinese Catholic refugees seeking asylum in the United States.

the orphanage for disabled children in China

1. We have been providing substantial support for many years to an "illegal" orphanage that was founded by an underground bishop. This orphanage houses approximately 100 physically and mentally handicapped Catholic orphans, and is in dilapidated condition. It urgently needs to improve its basic services, such as toilets, running hot water and repairing the leaky roof. They need help. This orphanage was founded by necessity as too many abandoned babies were left at the doorstep of the bishop's house.

2. The Foundation provides financial aid to underground bishops for their apostolic work. This consists of various projects for evangelization. We recently provided $8,000 for medical insurance for a group of some 20 underground nuns in one diocese. Even though China is a communist state, it does not have socialized medicine. We are also providing living expenses for several female religious communities consisting of hundred of nuns. In order to help financing this project, the public can now Adopt A Novice Nun in China. For 55 US cents a day, or $100 for 6 months, or $200 for one year, you can adopt a novice who will pray for you everyday for your intentions for the period of the adoption. In the meantime, you will support a novice for her living expenses during that period. We will send your name to the novice's superior. We started this program in July 2005, and have received approximately 190 adoptions. Please read the details of this program on the Novice Sponsor page.

3. The Foundation has a program to assist families whose members have suffered persecution due to their leadership role in the underground Church. Many heads of families were arrested or tortured due to their underground Church activities. We are assisting such families by paying their children's school tuition while the father is in jail or unemployed.

4. Whenever possible, we provide assistance to underground Roman Catholic refugees seeking asylum in the United States. Occasionally, judicial and immigration officers in US as well as overseas, such as in Canada and Australia, have called on us to verify the state of the persecution in China in order to decide on certain asylum cases. We have also been asked by attorneys to testify in court for the persecuted Catholic asylum seekers. We have succeeded so far to help approximately 12 families to obtain their religious asylum status, thereby able to live in the United States legally.

Preservation of the legacy of His Eminence, the late Ignatius Cardinal Kung

1. This work includes the collecting of the late Cardinal's writings and making them available to the public.

2. We have established a depository to collect information supporting the cause and process for the canonization of Cardinal Kung. As the depository, the Foundation is responsible for gathering documentation that will be used as evidence of the personal sanctity of Cardinal Kung and also for gathering written statements of personal favors received through the intercession of Cardinal Kung. If your spiritual life has been touched by Cardinal Kung or if you have prayed and received favors through his intercession, we would appreciate your writing to us.

3. Cardinal Kung's residence, which included his own private chapel, was a part of my residence in Stamford, Connecticut. We are attending to the upkeep of his final earthly residence for the benefit of those interested in making a spiritual pilgrimage for both themselves and the cause of the Cardinal's canonization.