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Press Release - May 25, 1994

Contact: Joseph Kung
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Arrest of a priest

Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A. - Father Lu Gen-You, a Roman Catholic priest, was arrested on May 23, 1994 at Shao Jia Zhuang, Wan Xian, Hebei. No information is available of his whereabouts. He was arrested after he administered sacrament on an elder priest who had a stroke.

Father Lu, 30, has been working in the Diocese of Baoding, Hebei for the last five years. He is a pastor of a parish without a church structure.

Father Lu was once arrested in 1990 for one month. He was handcuffed 24 hours a day for many days and was beaten. As a result, his lower jaw was seriously injured causing him great difficulties to chew food.