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Press Release - May 1, 1995

Contact: Joseph Kung
PO Box 8086, Stamford, CT 06905, U.S.A
Tel: 203-329-9712 Fax: 203-329-8415 E-Mail: jmkung@aol.com

A follow up of the mass arrest of Roman Catholics

in Jiangxi Province in China

by its security force as reported on April 26, 1995

Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A. - Under the direction of Mayor Xu Aimin, and Security Chief Li Guohua, both of Linchuan, Jiangxi, Chinese security force continues to search and arrest the leaders of Roman Catholic congregation for the Easter prayer service atop of Yujiashan mountain.

Besides the twelve persons already detained as reported on our April 26, release, five more including a Roman Catholic nun are detained. They are:

1) Cui Maozai, Male, 42 years of age, arrested on April 26.
2) Wang Yuqin, Female, 23 years of age, arrested on April 25. ***
3) Yu Shuizai, Male, 50 years of age, arrested on April 26.
4) Zeng Yinzai, Female, 60 years of age, arrested on April 25.
5) Zhu Changshun, Male, 40 years of age, arrested on April 13.

*** Item 2 - A Catholic nun arrested in Linchuan, Dongnan Township, Xiabieun village.

Many detainees were beaten severely. The following two ladies whom we reported on April 26 were beaten so badly that they could no longer feed by themselves. They have to be fed.

1) Gao Shuyun, detained in Chongren Sien
2) Huang Guanghua, detained in Linchuan

We urgently appeal to the media and international human rights communities to speak out for the above victims. We urge the Chinese Government to release them soonest in accordance with its own constitution which guarantees religious freedom and with the international Human rights accord which China signed in the United Nations.