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The People's Government of Baoding (Hebei Province)
Reform Through Labor Management Committee

Reform Through Labor Decision Statement

2001 Hebei, Baoding, Education Through Labor, serial number 0436

(Please note that words between parentheses are not in the original text. They are inserted by the Cardinal Kung Foundation for better understanding.)
(Chinese text follows English text.)

LU, Genjun, male, was born on October 14, 1962. He is of the Han race, and was educated in high school. He lives in Daluxhuang Village, Dingzhou City and is a farmer.

On March 31, 2001, LU committed a criminal offense for (illegal) assembly by creating social disturbance and was detained by the criminal division of the Public Security Bureau of Dingzhou City. LU Genjun was previously detained and investigated for (illegal) assembly and creating social disturbance in June 1990 and July 1994. In April 1998, he served 15 days of administrative detention for (illegal) assembly and creating social disturbance.

After investigation, we have found that Lu Genjun had committed the following illegal activities:

Lu Genjun went to Qingyuan County to receive theology training in 1986. In May, 1989, he was ordained a priest by Bishop Liu Guandong. LU Genjun's position as a priest was not recognized by the Hebei (Patriotic Association) Catholic Administration Committee. He has never recognized the Patriotic Association and refused to follow the directives of the Baoding (Patriotic Association) Diocese. Since 1998, LU Genjun has many times conducted illegal evangelization activities in Wanghuiton Village Dingzhou City, seriously creating social disturbance.

Lu Genjun, taking advantage of his position as an underground priest, has many times conducted illegal evangelization that created a comparatively big impact.

In accordance with item 5 of Section 10 and Section 13 of the Trial Methods of Education Through Labor Code of the States Council, as well as section 1 of the "Notice of State Council," also known as state council # 56 for the year of 1980 regarding the merging of the "Forced Labor" and "Detention and Investigation" as unified "Education through Labor," it has now been decided that LU Genjun is sentenced to three years of Education Through Labor (from March 31, 2001 to March 30, 2004).

If there is disagreement with this decision, appeal is allowed to be made within 60 days of the receipt of the decision letter to The People's Government of Baoding or to The Education Through Labor Committee of Hebei Province.

April 13, 2001